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◾ Net content: 40g (g/ml)
◾ Sun protection: SPF50+ PA+++
◾ Product Ingredients: Cream
◾ Ingredient type: plant natural ingredients
◾ Suitable range: Suitable for all skins,Suitable for face/body sunscreen
◾ How to use: As the last step after basic skin care, before exposing to the sun, squeeze out an appropriate amount of sunscreen and apply it evenly and fully on the face.
◾ Product Efficacy: Essence-like moisturizing texture, a touch of light if there is no feeling, the skin enjoys no burden, high protection, translucent and even, easy to absorb and not greasy, moisturizing and beautiful skin, matte oil control, no mud, no makeup, enjoy 12.5 h Long-lasting sun protection.
◾ Packing List: Sunscreen*1

Note: For external use, do not take it orally. For people with sensitive skin, please perform an allergy test on the skin behind the ear. If you feel unwell, stop using it immediately and store it out of the reach of children.

1. For sunscreen to be more compliant and natural, you need to apply a small amount of it and tap it many times.
2. For dry skin, it is recommended to apply sunscreen after hydrating.
3. Use it 30 minutes before going out.
4. Can be used all over the body (face, back, legs, etc., please do not touch the private parts)